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What we know.

The problem with Curriculum.

In over 15 years of youth ministry, we have learned (and heard) two important issues:

1.  Finding relevant, relatable and intentional curriculum for my youth that connects with them both socially and intellectually is impossible. We ended up using something that was either irrelevant, or spending so much time into being creative with lesson prep that we neglected other areas.

2.  Most curriculum models paint you into a corner, forcing you to re-write most of the material, or be unsatisfied with the lesson being taught.

Why Use R3?

R3 is a help, not a hurdle.

R3 has no desire to effect your style or method of teaching, and that is why we keep it simple.

We give you the tools to make the most of your time, because we all know how demanding Youth Ministry can be.


You will receive the following with each lesson:
-A bumper video

-A weekly Instagram post
-A Facebook banner image to promote your series
-A series overview
-A lesson outline for each week

Why an outline?

Because only you are the best version of you.

We only provide an outline because it allows you to teach the way you teach best.  If you are a storyteller, tell stories . If you are a teacher, teach the text. If you are a combination of them both, do them both.  Don't play games?  Leave the game out. Love games? Have a party.  Our goal is simply to give you the vision and the tools to help you be successful in ministering to the youth of your church in a style and method that fits you best.  So, each lesson will provide you with the main direction and a suggested guidance for each area of the lesson, giving you the freedom to tailor the lesson to your strengths.  Manuscripts paint you into a corner and take your personality and style out of the message; we want to give it back.

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